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October 15, 2018

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist over a General Dentist

A trip to your child’s dentist needs to be a happy and positive experience. There are many reasons you should consider choosing a pediatric dentist to care for your child’s dental needs rather than a general dentist. While general dentists are geared toward treating adults, pediatric dentists focus on treating babies and children. The ultimate goal is to ensure your child has a great start to a lifetime of oral health.

Following are some advantages pediatric dentists have over general dentists when it comes to caring for children’s teeth:

Additional Training

Becoming a pediatric dentist requires two to three years of training beyond dental school. This additional training focuses on treating developing teeth, children’s physical growth, children’s behavior and psychology, communicating with children, specific needs and requirements of children’s dentistry, working with children with special needs, and a focus on how to make children feel comfortable.

More Experience Working With Children

Pediatric dentists have extensive experience working with young patients. They are fully trained and equipped to communicate with children, handle their emotions, and ease any fear or anxiety. They are also experienced in treating children with specific healthcare needs.

Focus on Preventive Care

Pediatric dentists focus on providing preventive care to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime. They work on educating their young patients and their parents, offering advice on developing healthy habits. They also provide a variety of preventive procedures including fluoride treatments, dental sealants, space maintainers, and more.

Equipment Designed for Children

When you go to a pediatric dentistry office, you may notice that the equipment looks a lot more child-friendly than that at a general dentistry office. Pediatric dentists have special equipment designed for little mouths, ensuring your child’s comfort. Tools are introduced one piece at a time, with lots of explanations included, to make sure your child is comfortable in the knowledge of what equipment is being used and why.

Child-Friendly Environment

When you enter a pediatric dentist office, you will see that everything is designed with children in mind. You will likely see toys and games in the waiting room to keep your child entertained and relaxed. Decorations all the way from the waiting room to the dental chair are carefully designed with a child’s needs in mind. Children will love the stickers or treats handed at the end of each visit to the dentist’s office.

Kid to Teen

From the moment the first tooth erupts all the way to adolescence, pediatric dentists help your child develop a healthy smile until it’s time to move on to a general dentist. We will work to help establish healthy habits including how to brush and floss, and will offer dietary tips that will help keep your child’s mouths squeaky clean for years to come!

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