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Dental Crowns Near Me| North Phoenix, AZ

Children who have damaged baby or adult teeth may need a dental crown the repair the tooth. Because child dental crowns require different treatment than adult dental crowns, our pediatric dentist in north Phoenix is specially trained to provide this treatment.

The importance of healthy baby teeth

At Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the importance of baby teeth to your child’s development. Healthy baby teeth will:

  • Help your child’s speech develop normally, promoting cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Create the appropriate space for adult teeth to come in, allowing their proper alignment without crowding and promoting jaw development
  • Allow your child to chew properly, enabling nutritious eating and promoting healthy teeth and body
  • Encourage your child’s positive self-esteem, helping them become confident and self-assured

Dental crowns to protect damaged baby teeth

When permanent teeth are ready to come through, most baby teeth fall out on their own. Until that time, it’s best to save the baby teeth. When a baby tooth breaks, a crown is most often the necessary repair. When a baby tooth develops a cavity, we may be able to fill the hole with a white filling. But for a deep or large cavity, we will likely recommend placing a dental crown over the tooth. Baby tooth crowns normally last until the tooth falls out naturally.

Types of pediatric dental crowns in our north Phoenix office

Crowns are composed of either a silver-colored stainless steel or a tooth-colored resin. Stainless steel is often used on back molars for more strength on the chewing surfaces. Jet Set Smiles also offers tooth-colored resin crowns for front teeth so children don’t feel self-conscious of their smile.

Healthy adult teeth start with healthy baby teeth. Jet Set Smiles in north Phoenix will help you take care of your child’s primary teeth to promote a happy, healthy smile for life.

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