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Digital X-rays | North Phoenix, AZ

Dental x-rays provide a vital and necessary diagnostic tool in your child’s dental care. Without x-rays, some dental conditions will not be detected until they become a more serious problem.

Pediatric dental conditions exposed with x-rays

Dental x-rays detect much more than cavities. Jet Set Smiles in north Phoenix uses x-rays to diagnose and treat dental health conditions that cannot be detected during a clinical examination. We use this diagnostic tool to expose a number of dental conditions, such as:

  • survey erupting teeth
  • diagnose bone diseases
  • evaluate the results of an injury
  • plan orthodontic treatment

Digital images show much finer detail to detect conditions in their earliest stage. When we find and treat dental problems early, dental care is more comfortable for your child and more affordable for you.

Safe digital pediatric dental x-rays

Today’s technology makes x-rays much safer than in the past. With contemporary safeguards, the amount of radiation received in a dental X-ray examination is extremely small. Our north Phoenix pediatric dentist uses only the most modern, low radiation, high speed digital dental x-rays and precautions to assure your child’s safety.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends dental x-rays once a year, or every six months for children with a high risk of tooth decay. For safety reasons, we use digital x-rays minimally, with the frequency based on each child’s dental history and current condition of the teeth and mouth. Pediatric dental x-rays are considered very low risk for causing any negative health effects, and the benefits of dental x-rays far outweigh any risks. Dental x-rays allow us to obtain a large amount of diagnostic and preventive information during the critical growth and development years.

Jet Set Smiles for your child’s healthy smile

Because the mouth continues to grow and change as your child grows, digital dental x-rays allow our north Phoenix pediatric dentists to thoroughly examine the health of your child’s mouth and properly diagnose and treat any issues. We want your child to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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