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Infant Exams | North Phoenix, AZ

Nothing lifts the heart like a baby’s grin. The pediatric dentists at Jet Set Smiles in north Phoenix are all committed to ensuring that those grins are both cute and healthy. That’s why we join the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in recommending infants visit the dentist when their first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday.

Healthy baby teeth, healthy adult teeth

At birth, an infant’s baby (primary) teeth are partly formed in the gums, and typically begin coming in (erupting) between six and twelve months of age. By age three, most children have twenty baby teeth. Baby teeth play an important role in proper chewing and speaking. They also serve as placeholders for the adult (permanent) teeth that will come in throughout childhood and early adulthood.

Tooth decay can occur as soon as the first tooth erupts; it’s most commonly caused by frequent, long-term exposure to sugary drinks, including milk and formula. Tooth decay in baby teeth can increase the risk of decay in permanent teeth. To help prevent decay, don’t put your child to bed with a bottle and begin regular oral hygiene at birth.

Infant dental care

Your child’s first dental visit provides you the opportunity to ask the dentist questions about your child’s dental care—as well as acquaint your child with visiting the dentist. At the infant exam, our friendly pediatric dentists will:

  • Examine your baby’s teeth for cavities or other problems
  • Clean your infant’s teeth, if necessary
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning methods
  • Discuss fluoride and apply it if necessary
  • Establish a schedule for follow-up care

Make Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry your child’s “dental home”

Early establishment of a “dental home” for your children sets them up for a lifetime of healthy oral health habits, including regular visits to the dentist. At Jet Set Smiles in north Phoenix, our goal is to make sure those cute baby grins turn into healthy, happy smiles for childhood and beyond.

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Helping little smiles grow up to be big, healthy, happy smiles!

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