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Nerve Treatment | North Phoenix, AZ

Tooth decay or injury can damage the inner core of teeth, called the pulp. Pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and tissue, and when damaged, it may require nerve treatment, known as pulp therapy. Jet Set Smiles pediatric dentists will determine which treatments are appropriate for your child’s unique smile.

When is pulp therapy nerve treatment recommended?

Before making any recommendations for or against nerve treatments, the pediatric dentists at our north Phoenix office will assess your child’s overall health, age and positioning of the tooth. Generally, if the tooth can be saved, pulp therapy is recommended. Teeth with irreparable damage will be assessed for their strategic importance to the mouth: extraction will affect incoming permanent teeth, could lead to impaction or crooked teeth, and may cause other concerns.

Nerve treatments

The two most commonly performed nerve treatments are pulpotomy and pulpectomy.

  • Pulpotomy: If the tooth has a healthy root (with damage limited to the tip), a pulpotomy will be performed. The affected pulp tip is removed, and the resulting space is filled with a protective material to help prevent infection and soothe the root.
  • Pulpectomy: When the damage or decay affects the entire pulp, including the root, a pulpectomy may be required. The pulp is removed completely and the root canals are cleaned. Primary teeth are then filled with a reabsorbable material; permanent teeth are filled with a non-reabsorbable material.

After pulpotomy or pulpectomy, our pediatric dentists will place the crown on the affected tooth to seal and protect it.

Pediatric sedation

For your child’s comfort and safety, our pediatric dentists may recommend dental sedation for nerve treatments. We’ll discuss the options with you to determine which therapy will best help reduce your child’s anxiety and discomfort during the procedure.

At Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we strive for anxiety-free dentistry—for both you and your child.

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