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Choose Dental Sealants?

Encouraging your child to brush and floss daily is the best way to prevent cavities. However, it’s not always possible to reach every groove or crevice, especially on the teeth at the back of the mouth. At Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we offer quality preventative services, including dental sealants, to protect your child’s pearly whites and to prevent tooth decay. We are all about maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles!

How Do Cavities Form?

The chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars and premolars have grooves on them, known as pits and fissures. These depressions often trap food particles and plaque, allowing bacteria to attack and erode the tooth enamel, which can cause tooth decay and cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin, clear plastic resin protective coatings that we place onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars to smooth them out and make them more resistant to decay. When applied, the material bonds to the grooves and crevices, forming a protective shield that prevents plaque and acid from eroding the tooth enamel. Teeth treated with sealants are less likely to develop cavities, which, if left untreated, can cause pain and may require involved dental procedures down the road.

When Should Your Child Have Dental Sealants Applied?

We usually recommend having dental sealants applied around age six when your child’s permanent molars start coming in. Sealing and protecting these teeth right from the start keeps them healthy and helps reduce the chances of tooth decay as well as many future dental problems.

What Is the Procedure?

The procedure is safe and painless and can be completed in one short visit. No need for anesthesia and no drilling! After cleaning and drying your child’s teeth, we will prepare the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars by roughening them up using an etching solution to allow the sealant to bond. Next, we will apply the sealant, which will flow into the grooves and crevices of the prepared teeth and will use a curing light to harden the material. The resulting coating will protect your child’s teeth from plaque and bacteria exposure, allowing for long-term healthy smiles.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealants can potentially last from 5 to 10 years but will need to be evaluated during your child’s routine dental exams for chipping or wear. Having teeth treated with sealants doesn’t mean your child should neglect to brush and floss regularly. Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices will help ensure those little chompers stay in tip-top shape. 

Dental Sealants in Phoenix, AZ

Visit Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about our preventative procedures designed to keep your child’s teeth healthy and sound. Our outstanding team is committed to delivering exceptional, gentle care in our kid-friendly environment. We look forward to caring for your child’s dental needs. Call us and schedule your child’s appointment today!

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