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Important Are Dental X-Rays for My Child?

Dental x-rays offer an invaluable diagnostic tool to uncover underlying dental problems in their earliest stages, preventing them from progressing and becoming more serious concerns. As the teeth and jaw mature, digital x-rays provide an enhanced view of your little one’s oral health and development, so we can ensure everything is on track. 

Why Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Digital dental x-rays uncover more than just cavities. At Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we take x-rays to diagnose and treat oral health problems inside your child’s teeth or below the gums. The incredibly clear images reveal conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease in their earliest stages, allowing for prompt treatment

Digital dental x-rays help us diagnose bone problems, plan orthodontic treatment, evaluate the teeth that have not yet erupted, and assess injuries after trauma. We can also see whether your child’s mouth has enough space to accommodate the incoming permanent teeth and determine whether the baby teeth are loosening the way they should. X-rays provide a wealth of information that is not apparent in a visual exam. 

How Often Will Your Child Need X-Rays?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children typically require diagnostic x-rays once a year, which is also our philosophy at Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. If, however, a child has cavities or specific concerns, we may recommend additional x-rays as needed. 

Are Digital Dental X-Rays Safe?

Today’s digital x-ray technology comes with a staggering 99 percent less radiation than the already minimal amounts of radiation exposure of traditional film x-rays equipment. Multiple radiation sources in everyday life, such as plane rides or stepping out in the sun, may expose your little one to higher levels per year than digital dental x-rays. 

At Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s safety is our topmost priority. We use the most modern, low-radiation, high-speed digital dental x-ray technology and adhere to the recommended precautions to ensure your child’s safety. We only take x-rays when essential and use a lead apron shield for added protection. The incredible amount of diagnostic and preventive information we obtain will help ensure your child maintains optimal dental health during the critical growth and development years. 

How Are Digital Dental X-Rays Taken?

Our youngest patients will sit on a parent’s lap, while older children can sit on their own. Even though our digital x-ray technology comes with minimal scatter radiation, everyone in the room will wear lead aprons for an added layer of protection. Tiny mouths require smaller, more comfortable x-ray equipment to make the process positive. All your little one must do is bite down on a bite stick and hold still for a few seconds. If needed, our x-ray technician or parents can hold the stick in place. 

Digital Dental X-Rays Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

Visit Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about our digital x-ray technology and preventive dental care. Our kid-friendly team is committed to providing our young patients with cutting-edge dental services in a calm and happy environment. We look forward to working alongside you to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Call us and schedule your appointment today. 

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