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Child With Tooth Pain

June 1, 2018

What Should I Do If My Child Has a Toothache?

Toothaches in children can cause distress for both you and your child. It is so hard to see your little one experience pain and discomfort. Toothaches may result from cavities or breakage, or something as simple as a piece of food wedged between teeth. So, what should you do if your child has a toothache?


What Are the Causes of Toothaches?


A dull toothache persisting more than one day is usually the result of tooth decay. You should be able to see a yellow-brown spot in the enamel.


Severe, throbbing pain may indicate that the decay has caused a dental abscess. Tapping on the tooth will cause increased pain. An abscess may appear as a pimple like spot on the gum. If not treated, it may erode through the bone.


Biting on a hard object can cause a chip, crack, or break in the tooth enamel. A cracked tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold liquids. You may not be able to see the fracture line because it may be below the gum line or just too thin to see.


The pain your child is experiencing may not be a toothache. It could result from a bite on the tongue or cheek, the gums may be sore, or the mouth may have ulcers. New teeth may be coming in, which can be quite painful.


What Should You Do?


The first thing you should do is find out where the pain is coming from. Ask your child to point to the painful area. In younger children, look out for swelling or redness on the gums and cheek, discolorations, or broken teeth. Following are some steps you can take for pain relief.


Floss:  Help your child floss to remove any food particles that may be wedged between two teeth and could be the cause of the pain.


Rinse with a warm salt water solution: Mix a tablespoon of salt into a small cup of warm water. Have your child repeatedly rinse to help sooth the pain and tenderness, along with reducing inflammation.


Use a cold compress: The cold can help subdue pain and relieve any pressure swelling inside the mouth.


Use over the counter pain medication: Make sure you administer the correct dosage at regular intervals as directed. Applying clove oil using a cotton swab to the affected area around the tooth can also help. It works well as a local analgesic and antibacterial, providing soothing and pain relief.


Schedule Your Child’s Appointment: Contact us at Jest Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry right away if you see any signs of damage, or if the pain cannot be relieved.


Never ignore oral pain, even if your child calms down. Call us as soon as possible so that we can treat the condition and avoid any further damage.


You Can Count on Us


Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in North Phoenix takes your child’s oral health seriously. If you feel your child is experiencing a dental emergency, make sure to call us immediately. We are committed to offering our young patients the best care available, at our kid-friendly facility. You can always count on us to be there for your child!