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Tooth Extraction

June 11, 2024

Why Would My Child Need a Tooth Extraction? 

At Jet Set Smiles, we emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy baby teeth. Those tiny chompers play a role in speech development, allow your child to bite and chew with ease, and help ensure proper jawbone development. That’s why we spare no effort to restore the health and function of a damaged or decayed tooth with a tooth-colored filling, dental crown, or even a nerve treatment. However, there are times when tooth extraction is our only option to safeguard your child’s smile. You can always count on our team for gentle care that exceeds your expectations.

Why Would Your Child Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are several reasons why your child may need to have a tooth pulled, including the following:

  • Deep Decay: A cavity left untreated can progress and cause severe pain and infection. We work tirelessly to save the affected tooth, but if it’s damaged beyond repair, we may need to extract it. 
  • An Abscessed Tooth: If a tooth infection is not addressed, it can lead to a painful abscess and potential health complications. We may need to extract the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading and posing a threat to your child’s health. 
  • Dental Trauma: An accident can lead to dental trauma that damages a tooth to the point it cannot be saved. Extracting the tooth may be the only option to prevent infection and further complications. 
  • Making Room for Permanent Teeth: Baby teeth usually fall out to make room for their adult replacements. However, if a baby tooth refuses to fall out in a timely manner, extracting it will ensure the incoming adult tooth has the space to erupt in the correct position. 
  • Orthodontic Treatment: Selective extractions are sometimes needed as a component of an orthodontic treatment plan. That helps make room for the rest of the teeth to shift into alignment.

What Can You Expect?

Our experienced pediatric dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic for your child’s comfort. If your little one is anxious, we are happy to offer nitrous oxide as a safe way to help your child feel relaxed and at ease during treatment. 

Most children need simple extractions, which are relatively quick and straightforward with our modern dentistry techniques. The procedure involves loosening the tooth and gently removing it from its socket. Most children experience little to no discomfort during and after tooth extraction. 

Special Care After a Baby Tooth Extraction

It is important that you follow the post-extraction instructions we provide you to ensure a smooth healing process. For two or three days following treatment, avoid carbonated beverages or drinking through a straw to prevent disrupting the clot forming in the tooth’s socket. We also recommend offering softer foods and avoiding crunchy or spicy foods. If your child experiences discomfort, age-appropriate over-the-counter pain medication can help. If, however, there’s swelling in the area, apply cold compresses and give our office a call. 

What Are Space Maintainers?

Depending on your child’s unique needs and the location of the extracted tooth, we may recommend a space maintainer. The oral appliance helps preserve the alignment of the adjacent teeth and holds the jaw in position while waiting for the adult tooth to come in. Space maintainers have been shown to reduce and sometimes even eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment in the future. 

Tooth Extractions Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Patel and our dedicated team at Jet Set Smiles Pediatric Dentistry prioritize saving damaged baby teeth whenever possible. If, however, extracting a tooth is our only option, we will do everything we can to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible for your little one. You can always count on us for exceptional, compassionate care. We invite you to call 480-284-5076 to schedule an appointment or request one online today.