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Most children just aren’t very competent in taking care of their own teeth. They may make an honest effort, but many don’t brush carefully enough or floss proficiently enough to get all of the trapped food particles out of the back teeth. And it’s hard to see and reach tiny particles deep down inside the crevices in the molars. How can we protect them?

An effective, affordable solution in north Phoenix — dental sealants

Children develop most cavities in their back teeth. The grooved chewing surfaces of molars are a common place for food and bacteria to build up, putting your child in danger of cavities. Sealing the grooves and chewing surfaces with a resin sealant blocks food from getting into the tooth and helps keep them cavity-free. The American Dental Association has shown that sealants can reduce cavities by up to nearly 80% immediately, and up to 60% for four years or more.

Jet Set Smiles recommends sealants for children in our north Phoenix pediatric dentistry.

How dental sealants are applied

As soon as a permanent molar appears, we apply the sealant. This simple, painless process can be done in just a few minutes in one visit. To apply the sealant:

  1. We clean the tooth with a special brush.
  2. Once we’re sure the tooth is clean, we prep the tooth with a special gel to help the sealant adhere.
  3. Then we wash the tooth and blow it dry.
  4. Using a special brush, we apply the sealant, a liquid that runs into the crevices where particles can get trapped.
  5. Finally, we cure the sealant for about 60 seconds with a blue light that hardens the sealant.

That’s it! Your child can eat and drink right away with no limitations.

Sealants protect teeth through the cavity-prone years

With good oral hygiene habits, sealants can last for up to ten years, protecting the teeth through the cavity-prone years. We’ll check the sealants at your child’s regular visits and reapply them as needed. Most children won’t need sealants again unless they’re especially cavity-prone.

Our north Phoenix pediatric dentists recommend sealants so every child can have the best chance of avoiding cavities in the molars. Fewer cavities during childhood give your child a healthy start toward a lifetime of healthy smiles!
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